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NextGen Talks – Episode 4 | High Performance and Influence with Ian Leman

Our NextGen Talks podcast explores key themes and issues, such as the future of work, next generation leadership, sustainability, well-being and more, with special guests from various industries and sectors.

In this fourth episode, we were delighted to speak to Ian Leman, who specialises in influence and unlocking high performance in individuals, using his experience and expertise from defence liaison operations in the Middle East and Central Asia. In this thought-provoking podcast, we discuss how to achieve high performance and how to overcome challenges and failure to perform better. We also explore techniques that can be applied to influence others effectively and help to lead a team.


About Ian Leman
Ian spent 12 years in the UK military, where he completed three tours of Afghanistan, leading elite teams on human intelligence operations. He also spent time as a senior leadership instructor in the military training future leaders. Since leaving the military, Ian has advised global sports teams and FTSE 100 companies on, among other things, how to perform better and how to gain a competitive advantage.  

Podcast speakers: 
James Ford, Senior Associate, Mayer Brown
Ian Leman, Owner and Director, Performance Edge